While his "musical" excursions with DJ NUL and the members of Crew Radix have become avant-garde legend, Hoeness' own "private" audio work is shrouded in mystery. His last recorded quote on the subject was obtained on Swiss radio two years ago:

"[My musical output] will increase exponentially until the year 2020, at which point I will have the technological resources to produce 131072 works per day."

He then adds: "This will of course entail works of an optimised duration."
A clue to the nature of this mysterious "current" work may be found in his poetic output. Hoeness held traditional poetry to be "morally flaccid", and would often use digital audio technologies, especially those involving time compression, to "optimise" the works of other poets. An example of this may provide a revealing insight into his present musical projects:

Original : Broken Dreams by W.B. Yeats (extract) yeats : original version

"Observe how the flaccidity of the original text is removed by this simple procedure" : Hoeness

"Optimised" version (entire poem) yeats : optimised version

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